Great people are ordinary people with Commitment
People who have abundant knowledge are welcome here...
Recently we have shifted our Operations HQ from Juhu Mumbai to PUNE:
Brooklyn Business Success Inc®
Maharashtra. INDIA.            

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Welcome to improve Service - improve profits + have peace of mind
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We have no vacancy, no job but we have 100+ openings in various States of India

If you want others to remember you, at least for a Century,
then may be, you are Born for Brooklyn ! So, we are awaiting for YOU.

So far 36,600 and more, different level employees could avail our knowledge and have improved their skills, jobs,  business and could satisfy share holders better-way.

                       “One repairs roof when Sun is shining
                                and not while its raining!”

"Great people are, ordinary people with commitment".

Corporate Trainers, highly experienced Team to bring out best of people power..For senior Management at The Taj and Le Meridien etc. HRD
Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful Corporate trainers, provide most effective employee training for employees efficiency and productivity enhancement and experts assist for Leadership development. Also affordable employees training must for Exporters staff and SME-SSI employees and to sustain the current high cost of CTC. Anywhere in India...on-site workshops
Bringing out potential of your employees of all levels. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India. Enhance people power. Improve services - improve profits....
Brooklyn Team’s ability to share profound business and life strategies in a compelling yet entertaining way  has made us, one of India’s most popular Trainers / speakers / Guides.
Dear talented personality, If you are looking for employment, then you are at wrong page.

But we are looking for Associates, who want to Earn more than
Rs.1,00,000 pm, may be within few years. So don't tell us, what you want; but
tell us, "what you will contribute" and how? Then, we will show you / make you
Earn much more than what you had expected.

Come to us, only if, you:

1. are Master in your field [ need not be academically, but by knowledge ].

2. have at least fifteen years of fabulous experience in your field of specialisation.

3. If you are Earning less than Rs.60,000/- pm [or Rs.35,000/pm in B grade cities],
    then DO NOT CONTACT US [ however, if you are ready to do anything, ethically right,
    to Earn Rs.1 lakh per month, within next two years ], then you are most Welcome.

4. Must be open to learning, although you are great a master. As our
    President still learns, and believes saying that "no one knows everything"
    If you think, you know everything, then thanks for reading up to this line, you
    may please get lost!

5. Must be ready to invest at least 20% of your Earnings, every year, for your own

6. You should not preach but you should narrate wonderfully well, what
   you have practiced. As successful personalities have practiced, properly, a lot.

7. Must empathise with people.

8. Must be a Team builder.

9. Must be energetic and this should be said by others, after listening to you for
    couple of hours.

10. Must deliver more value for participant's money and try to make difference
      in the lives of some, at least. So total devotion is must. You are aware of saying:

    "To the world, you may be just one person;
      but to one person, you may be the world!"

10. need to think-over all this; and if you feel, this all is too much,
      then Goodbye and wish you all the best, elsewhere. But if you
      realise, 'all is ok and this is the place you were looking for', then
      we lay
RED CARPET to Welcome you.

Tell us, about you, maximum within 5 pages [ 14 pt font and not 6 pt font ! ]; [ we did receive 18 pages write up from a guy!! Please have mercy for us!!.] either thru word doc file or pdf file. Send mail to [email protected] with a copy to                [email protected].
But please DO read every page [ every line] of this website, carefully, and tell us, in which areas you can deliver, at your best.   
Wishing your efforts superb Success.
Yes, if you are retired a personality, with 30+ years experience in your field, then nothing of above mentioned clauses are applicable to you. Why? Because we value your hard earned knowledge. And, it will be matter of honour for us, to have you as our Associate. Just send us your profile, details and let us meet to work out a plan to spread your precious proven knowledge.
First we Salute your goodselves and heartily Welcome you.     
Associates with precious knowledge are always welcome
Born for Brooklyn

Corporate Trainers, Management Trainers,Employees Training, Productivity Training, shop floor to top floor- Efficiency Development Training, we assist in Human Resource Development - HRD, Unique Marketing training, Bank staff training, Nurses and hospital staff training, Businessman guidance, students guidance for Success in studies, job interviews and Life, Teachers -how they can become Best Teachers, Flat owners, housewives guidance for total happiness at home, parents guidance to handle children and Guidance -training to Police people, event speakers and so on...  Do have a look at hospitality page. proven ways...  Success Guaranteed.
F-R-E-E- on-site workshops for Jailmates,orphanages and destitute women's organisations. 
Dear likely associate you have precious abundant knowledge, then we will make you Earn fabulously.

We care for Your Success*

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