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Employees are soul
    We sharpen skills
       of your people 'from shop floor to top floor'

to push-up Efficiency
        and profits.

As business success is possible, when all function in synchronisation, like that of music from flute. Thus every employee needs to acquire knowledge thru employee training from experts, to work effectively and then only enhancement in productivity is certain. Employees have tremendous potential, which is generally wasted, because of neglect from self as well as superiors. Let us assist your human resource development wing -HRD, to bring out people power, 'from shop floor to top floor' for success of your organisation.
On-site workshops, through out India.
Bringing out potential of your employees of all levels. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India. Enhance people power-from shop floor to Top floor. Improve services - improve profits....
Brooklyn Team’s ability to share profound business and life strategies in a compelling yet entertaining way  has made us, one of India’s most popular Trainers / speakers / Guides.
Corporate Trainers, highly experienced Team to bring out best of people power..For senior Management at The Taj and Le Meridien etc. HRD
Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful Corporate trainers, provide most effective employee training for employees efficiency and productivity enhancement and experts assist for Leadership development. Also affordable employees training must for Exporters staff and SME-SSI employees and to sustain the current high cost of CTC. Anywhere in India...on-site workshops
No one does anything wrong intentionally. They are not aware of the massiveness or gravity of the problems  created by the micro mistakes, which can get Mega losses to the organisation. To avoid this, offer your employees proven guidance-training.             

You know,
a Doctor does not enquire you whether you can afford an operation but he tells "what must be done"    
So only, almost every successful business leader knows that, training/guidance is must for employees,
not just once but often and from different experts. So that very same employees take the organisation to greater heights.
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Welcome to improve Service - improve profits - have peace of mind
A profound statement - as business Success calls for employees working efficiently
To Survive in this competitve superfast world - Change is must..
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Why marketing?

Business Success, your creativity, your sacrifices, employees are soul, essential training, innovation, marketing ALL IS TRUE.

But till your office automation systems, your laptop, your computers do not work properly, its as good as you are handicapped.

Realising this only, we have created this page and every month new links, program/s details' shall be provided.

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Since numerous matters we have and without small reference for each, you will not be getting idea, why to download such a ppt or zip or clip or pdf etc...

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One site can keep you busy for months together! Yes go to following link:

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Have precious things in life to uplift others and some times such things we get for no charges.....

Students are future of Nation
Parents - ultimate sacrifice
Child Operation No cost at Bangaluru
Nurses-the Soul-the Care
Teachers function like light house for students..
So far 36,600 and more, different level employees could avail our knowledge and have improved their skills, jobs, business and could satisfy share holders better-way.

“One repairs roof when Sun is shining
  and not while its raining!”
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.

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Students are future of nation...
Students study smart and make your life better and more comfortable...
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