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You know,
a Doctor does not enquire you whether you can afford an operation but he tells "what must be done"    
So only, almost every successful business leader knows that, training/guidance is must for employees,
not just once but often and from different experts. So that very same employees take the organisation to greater heights.
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Employees training at your workplace - but is it needed? By - Brooklyn Vijay

Employees training at your workplace - but is it needed?

Yes, every one does DUTY, for getting salary
employees will obey rules and regulations too. But, as
you know, without Devotion, interest, focus, creativity,
in time works, proper works, better works, you will not

Work some-how done -
can never be Good Work.

But work done with interest - will be GRAND WORK.

So only all big company HR heads know, to get devotion, experts training is essential - as they do not tell just in 2 minutes what is to be done, but take all out efforts to make employees understand - WHY IT IS TO BE DONE and how it will not only benefit company, firm or organisation but for their own betterment too.

Being owner - though you know, your more than 80% time goes into financial management! Yes, its true. You can get orders but no money to pay suppliers in time, so they do not supply raw materials on top priority. In between you have taxation problems, some employee's health problems, employee advance problems, customer problems [ without paying old dues, they go on pressurising for further supplies] and some have different personal home problems too!

So best thing is to entrust such important work to experts in the field and you get much more benefitted than their mini charges. That’s the very reason, all top companies have budget for such trainings from various different experts and they are doing far better. But..

Though yester years Business magnet Late Shri J.R.D. Tata had said, ‘take 13 months salary of each employee in account every year and one months salary be utilised for guidance, training from different experts in the field. However small owners think - its un-wanted expense and with great reluctance some how - once in a life time, they do conduct such program and expect wonders to happen - within few hours of guidance / training!

The fact is, employees too want to improve and earn good name but enough time is not given to them to implement or adapt. Also when they suggest betterment, instead of aprreciation, either those are neglected or made fun of such employee!

First please think positively that at-least 2% betterment can definitely be seen and will happen in a month and that becomes 24% betterment in a year! For small charges of such out sourced trainers for training at your factory or office or say workplace, what more can you expect? Many owners have learnt from trial and error method but same cannot be used with employees. Since not much educated workers have less exposure of trainings, they do not know - what is smart work, so training is must for them.

Dear owner when you have invested multi lakhs to multi crores and spending every month huge in salaries, even could not spend time with loved ones and thus you must earn good at-least, isn’t it?

So as is experienced by many owners, please go for training. Invite experts for your better earnings, better profits, better services and much more peace of mind.

All the best - Brooklyn Vijay

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