Change pace of growth through our world class training
By years .Machines get depreciated but people get appreciated..
Top bosses 0r Owners have more time..
Employees should not GET the salary but should Earn it..
Wiithout efficient productive employees no one can succeed...
Commitment and Success go hand in hand..
    We sharpen skills
       of your people from shop floor to Top floor,
to push-up Efficiency
        and profits.
Recently we have shifted our Operations HQ from Juhu Mumbai to PUNE:
Brooklyn Business Success Inc®
Maharashtra. INDIA.            

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Welcome to improve Service - improve profits + have peace of mind
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Welcome to Brooklyn Business Success Inc.  A mission devoted to giving organisations the ultimate experience through its highly experienced trainers and strategy experts.  We will assist you to change the pace of growth for your company. Starting now

Our Mission is:
Organisations to enhance productivity
                        and enhance profits.

Employees to have job satisfaction.
Customers to get
   better value and better Service.

“Employees are Soul of any Business Organisation  A simple statement but profound truth. Across organisations and industries, employees decide how far a company can travel.  And that comes only through bringing out potential of your people, thru training -guidance to  develop the essential skills - such as How Smart work will get better efficiency, Job Satisfaction, proper utilisation of Time, how can employees be innovative, creative, how can they focus and become experts, how only when organisation grows, they Grow; how they can have pride for working with your organisation, firm. 

Our well wisher and CEO  Mr. Pramod Dastoorkar quotes 
“By years ….Machines get depreciated but people get appreciated”

                        A company’s best assets always leave everyday..
                                                 … after 8 hours shift.

                      An organisation’s best assets are also sometimes
                                              …… the toughest challenge

                      Success is all about people.

With our guidance to employees, senior management, business owners get more time for development strategies, for new projects, and that will get you ‘peace of mind’ too.  You will have more free time to spend with your loved ones.

Should employees GET the salary or EARN the salary?   Yes, lazy, non-productive, non-performing employees GET the salary and cause resentment in efficient employees, who desire to do better.

Organisation   = CEO

So you know, Customer is first in any business. But second are Employees, as without efficient employees no organisation can Succeed and Organisation is last, as without first two, no profits can be made.
So far
36,600 and more, different level employees could avail our knowledge and have improved their skills, jobs,  business and could satisfy share holders better-way.

                       “One repairs roof when Sun is shining
                                and not while its raining!”

"Great people are ordinary people - with commitment".

We sharpen skills of your people to push-up Efficiency and profits -from factory workers  -the team members, to senior management level personalities i.e. shop floor to Top floor. Mission to change pace of your growth with our ultimate experience...
Corporate Trainers, highly experienced Team to bring out best of people power..For senior Management at The Taj and Le Meridien etc. HRD
Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful Corporate trainers, provide most effective employee skills training for employees efficiency and productivity enhancement and experts assist for Leadership development. Also affordable employees training must for Exporters staff and SME-SSI employees and to sustain the current high cost of CTC. Anywhere in India...on-site workshops at your factory /office.
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.

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Bringing out potential of your employees of all levels. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India. Enhance people power. Improve services - improve profits....
Brooklyn Team’s ability to share profound business and life strategies in a compelling yet entertaining way  has made us, one of India’s most popular Trainers / speakers / Guides.
Employees are soul
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.
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