Any kind of surgery is done, totally without any charges- for all the children...

Yes, it’s true. Totally f-r-e-e- of cost. And its 100% true even in today’s Era.

It’s done very much in India, at Bangalore [ Bangaluru ].

Only thing, you will have to visit Bangaluru.  And Bangaluru being nice a city, your kith and kin need not get much problems to reach.  Also getting needed medicines need not be difficult too. God forbid - it should not be your kid to undergo any kind of surgery.

It’s done by:

Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences,
E.P.I.P. Area, WhiteField,
Bangalore-560 066 Karnataka.
Phone -080 2841 1500
Fax - 080-2841 1502
Email:  [email protected]

One can have further details over phone or email or fax.

The information is in jpg format of a heart shape red
coloured graphic [ as under ] is done by
CMC Corporate Communications, 
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We are grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Institute for free operation / surgery and CMC.

Now it’s our social responsibility to spread such most useful information to all the known to us and hence you are requested to send the link to all your friends, relatives, colleagues, customers, suppliers, your insurance agents, etc. You may contact us too

But every one does not have email id and it does not mean that, they do not exist! 

So give print out* [ details are further down here] your electrician, your watch mechanic, your car or two wheeler repair guy, your children's school or college and teachers, your milk vendor, your newspaper delivery guy, your hair cutting saloon guy, your cable operator or provider, your dry cleaning guy, your doctor, your plumber, your computer service engineer or repair guy, your mobile bill payment office guys, your vegetable vendor, your gas cylinder supplier, your pet’s veterinary clinic, your stationary purchase shop guy, your usual department store guys,
your watch mechanic, your TV mechanic, your kids cycle mechanic, your jeweler, your tailor, your usual ATM place, your house painter, your wife’s beauty clinic,
or beauty parlour, your bank people, your credit or debit or charge card guys, your marriage hall guys, your hobby club people, your zone postmen, your courier guys, your apt. night watchmen, your printing press guys, your visiting relatives, friend's relatives and friend's friends, salesmen or salesgirl, who come to your home or you happen to meet...and whoever you come across even bus conductor or train TT or Air hostess in a flight need this be told.  Also you may request the bus station controllers, Railway station masters to kindly ask their ticket issuing staff to hand over such copy each one.

Best thing is, to down load the file and then take print out, then photo copies [ Xerox] and keep in your office bag and hand over one copy each.  Please note….

For each 100 distributions - God will give you

Help others and you get ahead in life.... 

Whoever has enough money, can take 500 prints
and leave at Temples, marriage halls, STD booths,
post offices, corporation bill payment offices, telephone bill payment offices, Electricity bill payment places, with parking place assistant, with garden assistant - who can hand over one to each visitor, also walking track - parks, or ask some one to hand over each one copy, whenever and wherever you find people in queue. Colleges and schools can take one this coloured print and put on notice board.  At stadium during games, arrange few volunteers to hand over the print out to each spectator or request ticket seller to give one each-with ticket, same thing can be done at theatre and cinema halls too.  Large corporations, business houses can arrange to hand over one copy to each and every employee and get blessings [ and may save enormous on company medical expenses too!].  In Mumbai, in your zone, local train station area, in a day, thousands of people can be given the print out.
this idea comes to you by Brooklyn Vijay - although he is a Management / Corporate Trainer-guide, feels happy to spread good useful information and does similar acts regularly. His funda is, small changes can bring in great success ] and since we all want, those people - if not every one, atleast some of them, to do as above, let the print be in its entirety,.

For downloading print copy [ with small font and black text] or any other problem, any body can visit our website at:

and send us email and we shall try to give him  or her available details.

When you see God in every other person- you will do only good.

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