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Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful trainers, provide most effective training for efficiency and productivity enhancement for hospitality industry employees-such as Air-hostess, ground staff, Nurses,  hospital staff,  Bank staff, Police Personnel etc. Affordable training must for small Hospitals and co-op banks too. Invited by Lions / Rotary clubs for guidance to Doctors-Students-Police-Families !
Brooklyn Mumbai, Pune and India,  highly experienced Service industry Expert Trainers, to bring out best of people power for people care..

               Business Tycoon Late Shri J.R.D. Tata said,
              'no one knows everything'.
                  So let experts guide your people:

On site,  yes, very much at your bank, programs, anywhere in India.

   Also to remove any doubt, we have, different type of workshops
   so you can first begin with Start-up and then go for
   advanced, premium, comprehensive etc.

   Start up                  One day 2 hours

   Standard                Two days 2 hours a day

   Advanced               Two days 3 hours a day

   Premium                Three days 3 hours a day

   Comprehensive      Five days 3 hours a day.

         CELEBRATE BM  : Residential 2 days

         CELEBRATE CML: Residential 2 days

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                                        Yes, You have training centres but ..

All the top management personalities are aware that for enhancing efficiency / productivity of employees, there are no just few rules, which could be implemented but due to everyone's different mentality / up-bringing / Education / Age / Knowledge / Circumstances / situations etc., numerous ways have to be adapted.

Since just your training centres, with all the wonderful trainers [with due to respect to them], would not be able to cover, all the matters or say all the skills, outsourced expert trainers can do wonders and then only an AGM has given comments [ as mentioned in bank staff page at www.brooklyn-hrd.com/Bank-staff.html ] and many bank employees have appreciated our guidance of just 2 or 3 hours as guaranteed betterment in working and life too!
So only top organisations have budget for such trainings and results are better. Every expert trainer has something exclusive to offer, as experts think differently and devote their lives for acquiring exclusive knowledge and every expert trainer takes all out efforts to share it most effectively and make difference in the lives of at least few [ irrespective of how much he or she is paid].. Hence incase you desire to have better working from each employee, then at branch level such trainings be conducted and you will see guaranteed results soon..

Infact business tycoon late Shri. J R D Tata had said, 'every year 13 months salary should be taken in account and one month's salary be invested in various trainings from different trainers'.

So, why not to ask your people to begin with Brooklyn Trainers - the proven experts?

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Same way programs are as above for Airline, Hospital, Police, College, school staff - as every one counts ..... for betterment ....
Bringing out potential of your employees of all levels. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India with local translators. Enhance people power- improve job satisfaction.
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.

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Nurses-the Soul-the Care
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