"marketing is Brain of each and every Business"
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We sharpen brain and mind of people..
Corporate Trainers, highly experienced Team to bring out best of people power..For senior Management at The Taj and Le Meridien etc. HRD
Must for every Sales, Marketing person and business owners - click here..
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Salesmanship is 'Daily Adventure' as you would
not know much about whom you are meeting,
you do not know whether he will buy? you do not
know whether he has money to buy? you do not
know - whether he will listen to you for the
benefits? and many times you do not know
whether at all he will see you! But your only aim
is to get order.. So only it's called 'daily Adventure'.

Marketing is Brain of each and every Business. 

To enhance exclusive Skills needed for your Sales and Marketing people, we have experts. After the unique guidance,

Your people will surpass any Target and achieve fabulous results and earn better incentives and you enhance your profits automatically.

What makes your likely customers / prospects to read your brochure / literature / bulletin carefully?

Without forcing, how you can make such customers to buy from you?

How to make them to refer to you to others?

What is the World's greatest Secret in Selling?

How can you make them to search and come to you?

And many more matters with Role plays,case studies and video clips with apt powerful examples.

Advanced Marketing Program - Industry specific - for more than 5 to 10 years experienced creatures. With World-class case studies..
         5 hours - One day

We enhance exclusive and unique marketing skills, of your people, to surpass target plus to bring in in-time payments.

People do not buy product or service or concept.
They always buy B e n e f i t.

Contact Us Now!

So far 36,600 and more, different level employees
could avail our knowledge and
have improved their skills, jobs,
business and could satisfy share holders better-way.

“One repairs roof when Sun is shining
  and not while its raining!”

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We Care for Your Success©.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours SHARPING the Axe....   - Abraham Lincoln

Brooklyn Team’s ability to share profound business and life strategies in a compelling yet entertaining way  has made us, one of India’s most popular Trainers / speakers / Guides.

Must for every Sales, Marketing person and business owners - to know
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Training is offered by 44 years experienced Brooklyn Vijay and team. He says "no business can survive without effective marketing"
Employees decide future of your firm-organisation. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India. Local Translators Help us. Improve services - improve business....
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.

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Marketing is Brain of every business. Salesmanship is daily adventure. So every sales person must have thorough knowledge of unique skills to handle diverse mentality prospects.....to bring in results...so call experts from Brooklyn today.......
Sales and Marketing unique skills development training for whom?

For every segment, different contents are developed and hence
its essential for us to know, for whom you desire to offer training

1.    For Industrial Sales / Marketing people - 3 to 10 years experienced

Advanced professional marketing guidance,
       for above 10 years experienced creatures.

3.    For B2B sales people - OEM, raw materials,

4.    For Consumer durables

5.    For FMCG sales guys

6.    For office automation sellers - computers / laptop / UPS  etc.

7.    For Concept sellers

8.    For Service sellers

9.    For Tele-marketers

10.  For Institutional sales guys

11.  For Insurance Sales guys

12.  For Safety equipment / process sellers

13.  For Telecom product sellers

14.  For Automobile self driven car sellers

15.  For Automobile LCV sellers

16.  For Truck / Tractor / sellers

17.  For bus body /chassis sellers

18.  For Heavy duty equipment sellers

19.  For small savings agents

20.  For mutual fund / financial advisors / planners

21.  For Real Estate Agents / brokers / Sales - Marketing guys

22.  For Advt. / Space sellers

23.  For Door to door sales guys - for home needs such as water filter etc.

24.  For showroom sales guys - jewelry / TV / Washing machine / Freeze
                                                    Furniture / Cloths / Ready-made shop guys
25.  For Dept. store sales guys and girls

26.  For Services marketing people

27.  For Building product sellers

28.  For Electrical and Electronic goods sellers'

29.  For Service people - pre-sales / post-sales / equipment repair guys

30.  For Domestic product sellers -

31.  For Educational aids - products / services sellers

32.  For Dealer / Distributor developing sales people

33.  For low cost goods sellers'

34.  For high cost goods sellers'

35.  For imported high quality goods sellers'

36.  For software sellers

37.  For Website developers and marketers

38.  For Internet marketers

For any other field [left from the above list], as
       its impossible to cover every field here, just write to us.

40. Marketing guidance for non-marketing guys - who are
       in-directly responsible for marketing -
such as accounts
       people / production/dispatch /stores / packaging /
       telephone handling people and other staff members

       for better co-operation with marketing wing and customers
       which should get better results
Now you know, not for whom, but for every sales person such marketing training is essential, isn't it?  Then just contact us ...
Salesmanship is not everyone's cup of tea..
compelling yet entertaining way... exclusive Training
We enhance exclusive and
unique marketing skills,
of your people, to surpass
target plus to bring in
in-time payments.
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