Devoted Trainers help students, for "Smart way study" to improve results, for higher studies, for better jobs and for better lives of families...and efficiency of Teachers. Which alone helps to get more and better students. Sessions in English. Also in Marathi and Hindi for rural students
Devoted Trainers help, for "Smart way study" to improve results + life of students and efficiency of Teachers. Which alone helps to get more and better students
Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful speakers, We share precious knowledge most effective way. So even ordinary students grasp and take action to obtain higher grades and many have become Scholars too. Useful to any branch, any field from ENGG, MCA,MBA,CA,MEDICAL,ARTS, SCIENCE to IT etc. More than 17,000 students so far got benefited from our guidance. Invited by Colleges, Schools, and Lions / Rotary clubs for guidance to  Students and Teachers too.
Team of highly experienced professionals, devoted to make difference in lives of youngsters.
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Dear Student,

You are brainy, you are talented but only problem is you do not use it in right direction!
[truly speaking not entirely your fault too! ]

What is right direction?

Right direction is first thing to
study well.

But no body did tell you, how to study?
So somehow, you browse thru books,
and your own notes [ many times, you
are not able to understand- what you
had scribbled few weeks back!]

Then you have project work, you have
tests, IVs, everyday you have to take
numerous photos from your smartphone
and load and then comments
then their response, your response, their
photos, comments..all un-ending..

Also you need to read SMS/texting,
you must reply to hundreds of them,
then Fb,then Twi..and now Whatsapp

etc. etc. and then friends call you to
know about tomorrow's plan?
[not about study or college but what
could be done, outside college!]. Then
you must see special sites, when whole
world is sleeping. So, you are too much busy!

Competition is tooooo much !

Some of you get really good marks-
say 82% and no one appreciates!
You get distressed, you do not know
what to do? And friend comes to
rescue... he takes you to .........
and that time, not only you spend
but feel nice too. However next day,
again you feel sad for all happening
and you make resolution and that
lasts not even for a 200 seconds!

Then you make call to your Dad
and he knows, its only for money!
So, before you open your mouth, he
says, 'talk to me anything, except
money!' So you being clever have
strategic emotional approach
with your mother and time being
again things are ok but after a week
or so, you are, still more in trouble..

That's the reason, you need guidance.

No we don't preach; we don't conduct
Satsang; we don't ask to be good
we will guide you how to study smart
way, get good marks and Earn better
and have pride for worthy life.

Yes, we have live recordings of the
students from Engg.MBA,MCA to CA..
PG to UG to ... and almost every one felt
the guidance had been far more worth.

Even school students, to Teachers, to
college Principals have appreciated
our guidance and almost every has
felt our guidance should reach every
student, every teacher, every parent.

So, we know your position and thus,
to make our guidance affordable, we
come to your town, anywhere in India,
to your School or College
and in just
two hours - we will take matters
powerfully well to your mind.
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Brooklyn Vijay receiving memento from Pricipals Association officials
Udgir teacher was enlightened by gudiance from Brooklyn Vijay
Video comments from a PG student of KGISL
Brooklyn Vijay at PSG ARTS COLLEGE Coimbatore
Brooklyn President Mr. Vijay at Pusad Polytechnic College
Brooklyn Vijay -live- at Krishnammal College-wiith MBA students
Brooklyn Vijay live with MBA students at Krishnammal College Coimbatore
Brooklyn Vijay with UG AND PG students at PSG Arts and Science College Coimbatore.
KGISL A PG student narrating what he liked from Brooklyn guidance
Brooklyn Vijay in session at POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE PUSAD. Principal Dr. Boon had very high appreciation.. For the guidance.
A teacher said 'he was enlightened by the guidance from Brooklyn Vijay at UDGIR.
After powerful guidance to Principals from various schools, Brooklyn Vijay receiving memento from the Association secretary.
Prof. from N.S.B. College, Nanded
Who doesn't want to be World class a personality like Bill Gates?
A highly respected mathematics Professor from N.S.B. College, Nanded said, traveling 6 hours to hear our President Brooklyn Vijay was definitely worth. He spoke at  a session in Udgir- which was arranged by Lions Club.
At TVSM High School, for Teacher's efficiency development session ... Our President Brooklyn Vijay - live. Even Principal and Teachers treasured his guidance.
At Kongunadu School Tirupur. Students were not only attentive but had involved and Brooklyn Vijay is remembered for his simple way guidance of precious matters.
Our President offered guidance to MBA students at Modern College - Pune and dignitaries such as Principal Dr. Chitnis and Director Mr. Bhushan Kadam had graced the session

Our President offered guidance to MBA students at
Modern College - Pune
and dignitaries such as
Principal Dr. Chitnis and Director Mr. Bhushan Kadam

had graced the session
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Students will bring good name to the institution...
Students are future of nation...
Students study smart and make your life better and more comfortable...
Students from Engg .At Jawahar Institute of Technology - Nehru group, MPM College of Engg. Panvel, D.Y. Patil College of Engg. Pune, JSPMs Polytechnic College to Govt. College of Technology Engg., KGISL, Sri Ramakrishna College for PG AND UG sudents to mention a few, plus more than 17,000 students got benefited from President Brooklyn Vijay's powerful, unique way of precious guidance and we have 100s of video comments from students and faculty members....
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would find
it very useful. Oh yes dear,
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Our President Brooklyn Vijay
is author of most useful book
TEN MANTRA for Students to
succeed in studies, job interviews
and life. One Professor said,
'its Gita for students'. A superb guide
in simple ever, non-grammatical
English, so any level students
would understand easily.  ...MORE..
Thus without any second thought our President is invited  for 2 hours guidance to students / full day i.e. 6 hours guidance to Teachers at Schools and Colleges. He conducts session even in Hindi and Marathi for rural students, though he is more comfortable in English..Simple English.

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Ramakrishna college students PG
With PG students of Ramakrishna College
Ramakrishna college students 2
With UG students of Ramakrishna College
Participants - School Principals
With students of a Govt. School
With Teachers of Times School
Enhance creativity

Students are future of Nation
Apt wordings for any educational institution or any course i.e. Any kind of Education.
Its not lavish building, its not highly qualified people but difference in the lives of students is made by faculty - "who knows how to Learn - so that he or she can teach better way"
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