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Brooklyn Team and Brooklyn Vijay are powerful speakers, We share precious knowledge most effective way. So even ordinary students grasp and take action to obtain higher grades and many have become Scholars too. Useful to any branch, any field from BE, MCA,MBA,CA,MEDICAL,ARTS, SCIENCE to IT etc. More than 17,000 students so far got benefited from our guidance. Invited by Colleges, Schools, and Lions / Rotary clubs for guidance to  Students and Teachers too.
Team of highly experienced professionals, devoted to make difference in lives of youngsters.
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Parents - sacrifices to the core..
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Guru devo bhava
A Teacher is the second parent for students.

A Teacher is said to be the maker of Nation as he or she can
transform students into responsible citizens of the Nation.

A Teacher is nothing but a
Role Model for Students.

A Teacher is A Guide, who can
mould the lives of students by guiding them towards the right direction.

A Teacher is believed more important than a parent in the initial age -meaning during  primary education. 

You tell a kid that he has written something wrong – he would fight back justifying  himself right not letting his teacher down saying – “My Miss / My Teacher taught me this  and my Teacher is right” [though later the teacher may tell him about his wrongly spelt  matter!].

So Teachers cannot and should not just do their duty but also need to
devote and make a difference in the lives of those little future citizens - the Students.
As a person grows he/she would respect a good teacher more and more.

Parents need to value, have regard for teachers for the betterment of their children.

What parents cannot do, a Teacher can do. Its proven an aspect.

In today's era, children spend more time with their Teachers at School, than with their parents at home!

Teachers help students
construct the foundation of life.

Therefore Teachers are said to be the second parents.
*** The Society needs to have great regard towards Teachers - these noble human-beings.

*** Trained Teachers can effectively guide students to take actions and this does not mean only M.Ed or B.Ed or D.Ed teachers can do this. As no one knows everything, few micro matters of precious knowledge from our experts can and will make huge difference in the lives of teachers.

*** Comments from some of the  teachers are available on the next page, for your reference. An exclusive mention about a comment from the Principal of a Polytechnic College is  worth reading.

*** A teacher had mentioned at Udgir, during a guidance session - " He was enlightened from our President - Brooklyn Vijay's brainstorming guidance"

*** No, we don't talk about what you do or what you don’t, but we narrate case studies to make you to achieve the status of The Best Teacher.
So hearty welcome.

Our Guidance will help Teachers to acquire knowledge about:

***** How to Devote to the Job of Teaching?
***** What is Education and why it’s important?
***** How Teachers can help Schools / Colleges to get more Students?
***** How ordinary students can be made to become Scholars?
***** What will make Your School or Jr.College to get more bright
Post which Better results are guaranteed.
***** And many such steps will definitely improve the standard,
                    Name and Fame
of Your School or Junior College.
*****  Just one day - 3 hours Program at your school / College.
                    i.e.  AT your place, anywhere in India. In English, Hindi or
                    Marathi. With Video clips, humor and involvement through
*****  For micro charges and mega benefits [and more details.
                   Incase still you need more details!] do write to us.
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Team of highly experienced professionals, devoted to make difference in lives of  youngsters.
Students are future of Nation
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Free Ebook
Parents - sacrifices to the core..
Students are future of Nation
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We Salute Teachers - the makers of future citizen of Nation.