We enhance exclusive and
unique marketing skills,
of your people, to surpass
target plus to bring in
in-time payments.

    "marketing is Brain of each and every Business"
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Recently we have shifted our Operations HQ from Juhu Mumbai to PUNE:
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We sharpen brain and mind of people..
Corporate Trainers, highly experienced Team to bring out best of people power..For senior Management at The Taj and Le Meridien etc. HRD
Since some people did tell us, their system - does not show images and so they were not able to see anything. Thus herewith we reproduce matter from above images in text form.

Marketing requires understanding prospect and instantly 
changing the approach, to suit prospects mentality.
Marketing is not selling but helping customer 
to buy, what you want to sell!
Marketing is making customer hungry to buy!
Marketing is not talking but ..........????
Marketing is not selling the stick but selling sizzle!

Yes, every marketing head knows all this,  but how
many of your people, have been actually utilising these?

Marketing is Brain of each and every Business. 

For your car you do mini repairs but for better mileage, you call expert mechanic, So training of exclusive marketing skills LET BE DONE BY BROOKLYN EXPERTS.

.To enhance exclusive Skills needed for your Sales and Marketing people, we have experts. After the unique guidance,

Your people will surpass any Target and achieve fabulous results and earn better incentives and you enhance your profits automatically.

What makes your likely customers / prospects to read your brochure / literature / bulletin carefully?

Without forcing, how you can make such customers to buy from you?

How to make them to refer to you to others?

What is the World's greatest Secret in Selling?

How can you make them to search and come to you?

And many more matters with Role plays, case studies and video clips
with apt powerful examples.

Advanced Marketing Program - Industry specific - for more than 5 to 10 years experienced creatures. With World-class case studies..
         5 hours - One day

We enhance exclusive and unique marketing skills, of your people, to surpass target plus to bring in in-time payments.

People do not buy product or service or concept.
They always buy B e n e f i t.

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So far 36,600 and more, different level employees
could avail our knowledge and
have improved their skills, jobs,
business and could satisfy share holders better-way.

“One repairs roof when Sun is shining
  and not while its raining!”

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We Care for Your Success©.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours SHARPENING the Axe....   - Abraham Lincoln

Brooklyn Team’s ability to share profound business and life strategies in a compelling yet entertaining way  has made us, one of India’s most popular Trainers / speakers / Guides.
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Training is offered by 44 years experienced Brooklyn Vijay and team. He says "no business can survive without effective marketing"

Bringing out potential of your employees of all levels. Adapt  our powerfully effective on-site training, in very simple English, Hindi and Marathi, anywhere in India. Enhance people power. Improve services - improve profits....
We Care for Your Success*  Welcome.

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Salesmanship is daily adventure...
Why such marketing training is essential?

Many do not know, difference between sales and marketing!

Many have  done courses in marketing  but how much 
knowledge they do have?

Also some of them, do have the details but those are
academic and not from real life experience! Not their
fault, they need training, guidance, coaching.

We are surprised to see, many do not know, even 
how to make a proper shake-hand?

Many do not know, how to get thru
  "gate-keepers"  like
or say "gate-guards" or receptionist or secretaries,
who have standing instructions
to  'keep away sales people' 
and thus they go on informing you
that 'the concerned official is out of station', or 'out of country', or
'on long leave' or 'not in the seat' or most common one is...

'busy in meeting' etc.

Are those likely buyers wrong? No. As they do not know, how precious is your product / service or knowledge / concept? which can save their lakhs of rupees and might save enormous time etc.

Many sales people have standard scripts, and use same for 30 year or 55 year old prospective buyers and do not get desired results?

Many do not know, importance of time and un-knowingly they while 
away precious time and neither earn enough incentives nor
help organisation to go ahead.

Such guys "trial and error" way  of working, costs the firm, organisation heavily and boss or management, which had put in so much efforts, sacrificing own family life, to bring organisation to this level, have to see - day by day- getting into red!

Some people join to just gain some experience and jump
over, leaving firm or organisation in soup! As only after
few months, break even is expected and till then owners,
management have to invest only and when such character
leaves, not only firm gets into losses but
TEAM is spoiled too!

So you - as a owner, director, who has invested so much, how can
you say, that you can't afford small training charges? On just 5 sales
people you spend on salaries, on mobile bills, on internet bill,
on TA and DA, on stationary, on brochures or samples
+ your office staff time spent for them, your time spent for
them - all works out to more than Rs.1 lakh per month!

In just 5 months - its 5 lakhs and you say, you can not
afford to invest on training? But can afford so much
expenses every month for non-proper results!
Other way
round, when people see the Role plays,real life case studies, and 
see what is shared as knowledge, is essential for micro simple changes but shall get them better results and then automatically cost is reduced, right. So truly speaking every firm,every organisation must conduct such
programs for their people, for better business and better profits...

*>**>**>**>*We never say, you do not know. Yes, you know a lot but
you are like father to them. Son knows its one way, so says
'yes dad' but does what he  likes! Same way your people say,
'yes boss' and do what they like! And you too are aware that
'no one knows everything!'  And marketing is the field, which
can not be concluded with few laws but lakhs of ways are there,
to handle numerous different mentality prospective buyers! Right?*>*

Also marketing heads, please remember,  when performance
is evaluated, credit goes to you
  and not to some out-sourced
trainer or corporate trainer like us - who guide just for few
days. So only, remove from your mind that, what others can
do to your people? but be positive and take it granted that
even if you find just 5% betterment in your people, your 
business must improve by considerable volume
Who gets
the honour? Who gets good increment or incentive?
Who gets promotion? Who gets good experience?
Who gets good name? Its YOU, isn't it?

You drive your car and can do mini repairs too but for
better mileage and smooth running, you take it to expert
mechanic, isn't it? So let the training for exclusive skills
development be done by experts like us and don't spoil your
health and ultimately home atmosphere and the happiness.

Then why to delay? Inform your HR head, request your owner or
request your director that
  such training gives far more value
than the micro amount spent
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compelling yet entertaining way... exclusive Training
Business Success = Effective Marketing
Now you know, not for whom, but for every sales person such marketing training is essential, isn't it?  Then just contact us .......
Marketing is Brain of every business. Salesmanship is daily adventure. So every sales person must have thorough knowledge of unique skills to handle diverse mentality prospects.....to bring in results...so call experts from Brooklyn today.......
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