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Brooklyn Business Success Inc*, Mumbai, is headed by our President
Mr. Vijay Mahagaonkar
, who is popularly known as Brooklyn Vijay,
by organisations, firms, and people who have participated in
his guidance / Training  sessions / seminars.

Why so?

They could see his passion, devotion, abundant knowledge and
most enthusiastic way of taking matters to the mind of people

and his earnest efforts for their development - to enhance efficiency and productivity at factory or office i.e. on-site workshops.

We have Team of Experts, to assist your Senior Management /
Top Management on
Execution.  Our specialty is Time
and Team Building, Relationship building,
and boosting self power to achieve great success thru
the most powerful case studies have made
people to adapt certain matters from very next day.

Guidance to Middle Management / Junior Management , office staff,
and even to the bottom level, "factory Team members i.e. workers"
who are not even 8th or 10th standard pass men or women.  For
this, we get regional language translator too and they are again
masters in their field, and translate so fabulously that, people
have felt, and commented that
, "this was not just training; but
life changing an experience"
.  As on today, we have translators
in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu and Marathi and Hindi and
shall be adding other language experts shortly.

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Bad economy and how businessmen can cope up

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